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Arancas (Aranto or aulaga and Cat's Claw) Maximize

Arancas (Aranto or aulaga and Cat's Claw)

BettHealt ®

Presentation: Bottle with 60 capsules of 500mg w / u.

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Arancas is a mixture of plants with profound antitumor action, healing, detoxifying and antibacterial.

It stimulates the immune system and enhances the body's defensive capabilities, while eliminating toxins and accumulated waste which protects the cell, thereby reducing tumor development process and degenerative diseases such as cancer.



Burdock: Contains polyenes, tannin, inulin, essential oils, minerals and B complex, which give cleansing properties and as an antibiotic in the majority of infections, increased sweating, febrile illnesses is effective and has antitumor properties.

American Elm: The mucilage is its main component, dissolves mucus deposited in the tissues and helps the growth of new cells, inhibits the growth of tumors, its main therapeutic action, focuses on reducing the irritation of the organs and decreases the input of chemicals, protecting the body.

Rhubarb: It has antibiotic, analgesic, antimicrobial and antitumor properties, increases the production of hydrochloric acid, which stimulates digestion and increases appetite, improves hepatobiliary function and corrects constipation.

Goldenseal: contains mainly three alkaloids: the hydrastine, berberine and so canadine has antitumor properties, as it inhibits the transcription of COX-2 and N-acetyltransferase activity in cell lines of colon and bladder cancer.

Cancerina: Has an anti-inflammatory, traditionally used to heal gastric ulcers, wounds.

Cat's Claw: immune system activity, stimulates cell regeneration, so it is widely recommended in the treatment of degenerative diseases like cancer, crippling arthritis and rheumatism.

Arant, exercises and action on the mesenchymal cell neoplasms information, as indicated in the treatment of tumors of all kinds.

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Arancas (Aranto or aulaga and Cat's Claw)

Arancas (Aranto or aulaga and Cat's Claw)

BettHealt ®

Presentation: Bottle with 60 capsules of 500mg w / u.

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